Private piano lessons in Rancho Cordova, Folsom and Elk Grove area offered by Malgorzata Glowacka, piano teacher to children and adults, beginners to advanced.

The joy of making music is everyone's birthright and it is never too late to realize your musical potential.  Learning to play the piano opens worlds of artistic expression, cultivating self-confidence and perosnal growth.  Making music is one of the few skills that awakens our complete humanity - it is artistic, athletic, emotional and intellectual - all at once!




  • "All my life I have loved the piano and with Malgorzata's guidance I'm finally accomplishing my goal of playing for my own enjoyment.  She's a dedicated teacher who has patiently analyzed my weaknesses and taught me strategies to improve my technique and sound quality.  She is the first teacher to properly teach me how to interpret a piece of music."
  • "Malgorzata awakened me to my own potential.  She taught me how to listen to myself and to produce sounds that I had been striving to hear.  In the space of 20 minutes, she helped me correct years of bad technique and achieve a better musical sound.  Malgorzata's guidance helped me remember that indeed I can accomplish beautiful musical results."
3rd year adult student 1st year adult student
  • "Our daughter has been taking lessons from Malgorzata for two years.  Malgorzata has a talent for working with students of all agaes and abilities.  She is able to make learning fun for the younger students and does a great job of keeping her students engaged and interested as they move up.  Above and beyond her teaching abilities, we are thankful that Malgorzata has been a positive role model for our teenage daughter."
  • "Malgorzata has been teaching my son the piano since January 2009.  Prior to taking private lessons my son was being taught piano at a music school for two years.  Since January 2009 I have seen significant improvement in my son's ability to play the piano.  I wholeheartedly recommend Malgorzata as a piano teacher."
Parents of 2nd year student Mom of a 3rd year student